Overview Edit

Araviel is the Arkanian Hybrid Robot and the embodiment of the faction's nature.

she has three powerful cannons replacing her left arm and has an average higher damage output against armor than her Coronian and Confederate counterparts, but very low range and deals little to no damage to infantry.

Being an hybrid robot, she has no special resistances or weaknesses.

Her HP combined with her lack of class weaknesses make her an excellent front line unit to defend slow moving or static units like the Hacker or Raven.

Assessment Edit


Vanguard Archer about to finish off a heavy tank damaged by Araviel.


  • Excellent to lead an all-infantry formation
  • Very dangerous to tanks if combined with Vanguard Archer
  • Can destroy a Gattling Tank in one hit.
  • Very agile


  • Expensive
  • Very vulnerable to EMP and hacking
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