Overview Edit

Eureka is a costly Hybrid Robot unit designed to destroy armoured units from far away, her true weapon however, lies on her high agility, making it possible to take multiple turns in short periods of time, making her especially effective against groups of slow units.

Being an Hybrid Robot, she is immune to toxins, and has no tank or infantry weaknesses, however, this also means she can't mitigate the damage with class resistances.

Assessment Edit


  • Can move and attack multiple times in short time
  • Very effective against tanks
  • Her attack outranges most tanks
  • Not vulnerable to class weaknesses
  • Can trick the AI into using anti-infantry weaponry


  • Expensive, can limit your final numbers
  • Being an Hybrid Robot, she has also no class resistances
  • Low defenses for an expensive unit

Trivia Edit

  • Eureka was originally a character from Vindictive Drive, a game of a completely different genre.
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