Overview Edit

Gunner Girl is the standard infantry of Coronia. She is versatile and cheap.

Effective anti-infantry unit with average stats, very cost effective and superior to most of the basic infantry in the game, her unique ability is a very noticeable upgrade in her damage output when she gains levels, so it's advisable to keep her behind other infantry units to distract the enemy, like most infantry is very vulnerable to anti infantry fire and toxins.

Assessment Edit


  • Cheap, easy to include in a group of five units.
  • Takes turn more often than other similar infantry.
  • Wins a 1vs1 duel against a Conscript in most cases.
  • Move range of 6
  • Powerful with level ups


  • Very fragile against anti infantry fire and radiation
  • Deals little to no damage to vehicles
  • Takes too long to kill Shield Infantry
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