Overview Edit

The Hacker is the Union's strategical sabotage unit, altough she can't deal damage or take hits, she can severely cripple entire formations of enemy vehicles if she's allowed to survive long enough.

This unit can reduce enemy agility for two active turns, she is the unit with most agility in the game, but the true terror starts after she levels up, she begins with an agility of 100, which raises to 120 in level 2 and 130 in level 3, which means that if the enemy doesn't eliminate her fast enough, she can infect all units with persistent agility debuff, and gather enough points to completely shut them down, leaving them defenseless against Arkanian fire.

Assessment Edit


  • The most agile unit in the game.
  • Dangerous level up potential
  • A sure victory if protected well enough


  • Can't move
  • Extremely fragile
  • Priority target for CONFIDENTIAL enemies and hard to protect

Trivia Edit

  • This unit looks exactly like Arris Fern, main character of Vindictive Drive
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