Professor Hong Nuk is the unexperienced and clumsy temporary leader of the Republic of Coronia, and head scientist of the Coronian Battle Lab. Her most remarkable trait is just having extremely good luck.

Background Edit

Before the events in MetalBird Tactics, Hong was a failed scientist who was assigned to the defense program thanks to an administrative error during an invasion by the old Arkanian dictatorship, having no experience in military needs, she presented very unorthodox animal shaped mechanical units that ended leading Coronia to victory.

The president of Coronia died during the incidents in the conflict, reason of why, for the lack of a more appropriate replacement and by popular demand, the senate assigned the clumsy but lucky and honest Hong as a temporary leader until the nation reorganizes.

Personality Edit

Coronia Science Nukeme Project Animation Teaser

Coronia Science Nukeme Project Animation Teaser

Hong Nuk in an animation short for Coronia Science Nukeme Project

Hong is overconfident and very clumsy, featuring a broken credit score, expired ID card and driving license, a lot

of subscriptions to newsletters and magazines she doesn't remember purchasing and a computer full of malware and a big old cat named "Lab Cat" she brings with her everywhere.

Her overconfidence is maintained and persists over time despite her silly personal choices thanks to unexplainable extreme situational luck.

She is very carefree and chill, altough she experiences anxiety and severe stress because of the war and its morality.

Relationships Edit

  • Commander(Player): She will constantly attempt to break the professional protocool and befriend the new commander
  • Lt. Luna: Friends

Trivia Edit

  • Hong was going to be the main character of Coronia Science Nukeme Project, but MetalBird Came out first
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