The MBU(Mobile Base Unit) is a critical unit that a commander possess regardless of faction, in the regular Skirmish mode, successfully destroying a MBU will mean victory regardless of how many remaining units are still active.

Once placed, the MBU cannot move, and has the slowest Rate of Action in the game, getting a turn where the MBU acts is often reserved for longer matches, where the player can use it to call HQ to gather Tech Points, which can later be used on support powers.

In boss modes they may be destroyed by the boss, but the match will continue, given how quickly bosses attack, some players prefer to use the MBU as a resistant decoy that will most likely distract the boss for two turns, but they sacrifice the chance of calling an Air Strike on them.

Support PowersEdit

The support powers are unique skills that can be used via Tech Points, when a match starts, every unit gets a random amount of Tech Points between 0 and 20, lucky players may start with 20 points in their MBU, however, they will still need to wait until the MBU gets an active turn.

Reinforcements 15 Summons 1 Tatakau Light Tank anywhere in a wide area.
Air Strike 20 Deals heavy damage to a single target, capable of destroying most units except very heavily armored ones or bosses. Cannot be used to attack the enemy MBU.
Tactical Nuke 30 Deals heavy damage to multiple targets in a massive area, destroys most to all units instantly.

Assessment Edit

Metalbird tactics airstrike


  • May turn the tables when all is lost.
  • Heavily armored.


  • Can't move.
  • Slowest Rate of Action in the game.
  • Can't do anythiing without Tech Points.
  • Losing this unit in regular Skirmish mode means game over.
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