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Official Wiki of the MetalBird Tactics project. A turn based strategy game for PC developed by Secret Society Games(Balthasar02) in association with Doujinchan.

The game is still in development so the Wiki will be updated often.

Introduction to the battle system

For a more advanced approach visit the Tactics page.


The current build has three factions, visit their categories for more info:

  • Coronia's army -An all round faction with versatile and multi purpose units.
  • Nos Confederation -The Confederration gives priority to sheer numbers and anti infantry.
  • Arkanian Union -The Union gives priority to subtle infantry tactics and anti armor.

Known bugs Edit

  • If you place two units in the same spot during the unit placement event the game may crash.
  • Some units clip on the floor while attacking South East coordinates.

Planned features Edit

  • The MBU to call a superweapon through Tech Points
  • Third Faction
  • Spanish translation
  • A lot of maps that change the strategy of the matches
  • Difficulty settings

Your suggestions are very welcome, for ways to contact the developer, please check External Links or write to

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