Overview Edit

Xera is Nos Confederation's hybrid robot, she's not as agile as Eureka, but has more firepower to compensate, Xera brings terror to enemy armoured formations [Snail Rage] has a base damage of 670 Hit Points, limited by its very low range and self damage, she can also take down air units effectively.

Although not as fast as her Coronian counterpart, Xera is also a good choice for speedy formations, gaining turns often.

Being an hybrid robot, Xera has no class weaknesses or resistances.

Assessment Edit


  • Xera has the most destructive skill in the current build
  • Agile
  • Good anti armor
  • No class weaknesses
  • Immune to toxins



Xera after a Snail Rage attack

  • Snail Rage has very short range(2 tiles), can cause critical friendly fire and hurts the user
  • Not as powerful against infantry
  • Vulnerable to EMP

Trivia Edit

  • Like Eureka, Xera has origins in Vindictive Drive, a game of a completely different genre.
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