"In extreme situations, Xera can activate the Guren T1 protocool, which greatly enhaces her combat

capabilities but at the cost of possible loss of self control." -Lt. Luna

Overview Edit

Xera Guren(or Xera Guren T1) is a boss in the current build and a special unit planned to be included as an upgrade of the regular Xera for end game situations.

As a boss she is incredibly durable and fast, with a quick Rate of Action and attacks effective against all types of units, commanders are advised to rethink their strategies after their first encounter with what is currently the toughest unit in the game, capable of destroying a Kirov Tank in two or three attacks and wiping out an entire formation in a couple turns if not organized well enough.

For tips on how to deal with this unit visit the Tactics page.

Assessment Edit




  • Short attack range
  • Short move range
  • Vulnerable to EMP(Altough not recommended due high Rate of Action and fast recovery)
  • Vulnerable to Hacker delay attacks
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